Bulgaria – Baba Marta and Martenitsa

Growing up with Values from Storytelling - Bulgaria - March 2021 - Baba Marta
On the 1st of March Bulgarian people celebrate a traditional holiday called Baba Marta (or Grandma Marta in English) and it is related to welcoming the approaching spring. People all over the world meet spring with joy and new hopes but in Bulgaria, it is saved as an ancient tradition.
One of the most ancient traditions in Bulgaria is called “Baba Marta” (literally – “Grandma March”). The martenitsa is a piece of decoration in red and white, which has two main versions. The traditional one consists of two little dolls – Pizho, the male, is red and Penda, the female, is white. You would usually pin this on your clothes. The other version is a bracelet, made of one red and one white thread, which you can put on your hand. The colors of the martenitsa symbolize Bulgarian beliefs: white is for good health and red is for fertility and to scare away the bad spirits.

Bulgaria – Erasmus+ online week

Erasmus + online week

Erasmus+ online week in “Vasil Levski” Primary school (07-11.12.2020)

#Day1 – We presented the Erasmus program, the project “Growing up with values from storytelling” and each partner country – interesting facts and a short film

#Day2 – We presented the traditions, customs and music of our partners

#Day3 – The most delicious Day – We presented dishes from Portugal, Greece, Romania, and Turkey. Then our little students, with the help of the family, started cooking at home and exchanging recipes.

#Day4 – Storytelling day – represented the Greek story for #solidarity “The best choice”. The students drew pictures of the story

#Day5 – Europe Erasmus Family – Europe values! The students drew and wrote messages to the world and short stories for values.

The week was very interesting and complete for students, parents and school community! This Erasmus week has united us even more.

We grow with values!

Bulgaria – Story about responsibility

Growing up with Values from Storytelling - Bulgaria - September 2020 - Month of Responsability - Story

A great story of responsibility was presented in first grade in our School!

With the help of Mrs. Таня Дацова, the young students make their weekly program with pictures so that they can prepare their own backpacks. Mrs. Стела Иванова and her class discussed responsibility! It is important for us to teach children responsibility from the first grade, to create habits and virtues!