Bulgaria – Story about responsibility

Growing up with Values from Storytelling - Bulgaria - September 2020 - Month of Responsability - Story

A great story of responsibility was presented in first grade in our School!

With the help of Mrs. Таня Дацова, the young students make their weekly program with pictures so that they can prepare their own backpacks. Mrs. Стела Иванова and her class discussed responsibility! It is important for us to teach children responsibility from the first grade, to create habits and virtues!

Bulgaria – Happiness

Growing up with Values from Storytelling - Bulgaria - June 20 - Month of Happiness

Month of Happiness was COVID month too! 🙂

We represented the book “When we are together, everything is better “! Our talented student Ivana presented her paintings to the headmaster and teachers. She was Last Year at our School! As a token of gratitude, she surprised them, and we saw happiness in their eyes!

We shared virtual messages about Happiness! In our summer school, the little students made clothes out of paper … Happiness is when you make something yourself! To feel and be satisfied with your own work is happiness.

Bulgaria – Civic Education

Growing up with Values from Storytelling - Bulgaria - June 20 - Month of Happiness - Civic Education

The month of May was dedicated to Civic education! The children from our school presented their projects in Civic Education! The projects are on various topics of interest to children-rights and obligations of children, ecology, global issues, topics related to Bulgaria nad how to be worthy citizens of world. Out of total 18 projects, 9 are ranked at th National level, so wish us luck!

Headmaster, Teachers and Children worked a lot throughout the school Year! I put photos and video of one of the presentation with greetings to you!