Greece – Courtesy Activities

Growing up with Values from Storytelling - Greece - October 19 - Month of Courtesy - Activities
  • The Story of Magical Words proposed by the Portuguese school.
  • Creation of the Board of Magical Words in Greek and English and the Dictionary of Courtesy.
  • Drawings and works by the 2nd, 3nd and the 4th graders of our school.
  • The performance song of the magical words by our youngest students, the 1st graders.

Portugal – Activities of Courtesy

Growing up with Values from Storytelling - Courtesy 7

At the beginning of October, pupils read the story and sang a song related to courtesy during the school assembly.

In the classroom, they interpreted the text and created comics about it.

In the Erasmus Corner, they created the board “When you close your eyes and think about courtesy, what do you see?”. Then, the school community wrote their thoughts on post-its.