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The school is located in Diavata, of the Delta Municipality, 8 km from the center of Thessaloniki.

The aim of the Greek Primary school is the mental and physical development of the students within the framework set by the wider aim of Primary and Secondary education.

Our school, as a Primary School, offers the first stage of formal education in Greece, coming after Preschool and before Secondary school. Consists of 13 classes between the Grade, with approximately 320 students in total.

It is a Multicultural School, with students originating from Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Palestine, ex-Soviet Union and Rom.

Value building is a key mission of a school. Believing that any kind of social or economic crisis is primarily a crisis of values, we think that our school should contribute to this value building in its own way. In particular, the building of social values is of special value in our school because of the students’ and the local community’s population composition.

Two other Primary Schools are housed in the same courtyard and there is a significant building problem. Three classes, each year, are forced to be housed in special kibo-type classrooms.

Each class is taught by:

– one teacher that teaches the subjects of Language, Physics, Maths, Geography, History and Religion;

– 7 special-subject teachers, in subjects such as Physical Education, English, German or French, Music, Art and Computer Science.

The school classes are mandatory from 8am to 1:15pm and after that time the school operates an optional time zone until 4pm.

Our school has an Integration Department for students with learning disabilities, as well as a Reception Department for foreign students.

Despite the problems, our school is participating in several national programs and competitions in Greece, as well as in European Programs such as e-Twinning and Erasmus+.

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