Greece – Book-sharing

Sharing books

As part of the book-sharing activity among 2nd Grade students, we have chosen to create an annual lending library, in which students borrow a book each week. Friday is this special day of the week, because besides the usual subjects they spend time choosing a fairy tale from the lending library of their class.The benefit for the kids is double. Each kid will have read a lot of books for free. He will learn through the process « lend- borrow », the joy and the pleasure of “sharing”, “looking after foreign things”, “being responsible for his actions”. On Monday morning each reader presents the fairy tale to his classmates, in a few words.

Romania – Storytelling activities

Growing up with Values from Storytelling - Romania - May 20 - Month of Labour - Storytelling activities

Third grade students celebrated International Book Day. After reading a book they had to some tasks to complete. First they presented an item of clothing or decoration which appears in the book chosen for the presentation. Then, they drew a place where an event takes place in the book. They read the excerpt chosen with the voice of a character (baby, old man, angry man), using the CHATTERPIX KIDS application. Finally, they made the face of a character in a sock filled with rice and decorated, but also a bookmark with a message / moral of the text.