Portugal – Cooperation Games

Growing up with Values from Storytelling - Portugal - October 2020 - Month of Cooperation - Cooperation Games

On the 30th of October, pupils at Edifacoop took part in the Cooperation Games Day.

Each class participated in a different game where the main goal was not winning, but working as a team and collaborate with each other.

They played “Sheet Ball”, “Blind Drawing”, balancing balls with sticks, “Hula hoop chain” and other games.

Bulgaria – Story about responsibility

Growing up with Values from Storytelling - Bulgaria - September 2020 - Month of Responsability - Story

A great story of responsibility was presented in first grade in our School!

With the help of Mrs. Таня Дацова, the young students make their weekly program with pictures so that they can prepare their own backpacks. Mrs. Стела Иванова and her class discussed responsibility! It is important for us to teach children responsibility from the first grade, to create habits and virtues!