Greece – Games about unity

Blindfold Game

There are a lot of ways to reinforce the feeling of teamwork, cooperation and mutual trust. The game is the best way to teach kids how people and society function, how to work respectfully to themselves and to their teammate.

a. Blindfold Game from our 3nd Grade students – P43 Activity

b. Tied Leg or Three Legged Game from our 3nd Grade students – P43 Activity

Portugal – World Food Day celebration

Banco Alimentar de Braga

On the 16th of october, the World Food Day was celebrated.To celebrate this last fortnight, there was a campaign to collect food to be delivered to the Braga Food Bank.The final product was selected by a group of children from the different classes, guided by their teachers and donated to this charity institution, which will distribute it to those who need it the most.With this campaign, we cement values ​​by which we have been guided since our creation: solidarity, sharing, humanity, civic spirit and mutual help.