Romania – December activity

The little match girl

December activity

The students of the 4th grade D, under the guidance of teacher Dumitrescu Liliana, discussed in the Erasmus + project about children’s rights, their respect, but also their violation, on the December story, “The little match girl” by Hans Christian Andersen. The children made the “Children’s Rights Tree” by hand and gave it life through the hope, confidence, joy of childhood.

Greece – Discovery of Values Story – “The Little Match Girl”

"The Little Match Girl"

The students of the class after reading the story “The little match girl” for December 2022, agreed that the main value that comes from this is Solidarity.Then they made a poster with two children in the middle and helping hands around them. The students wrote in Greek and English what they would offer to help the girl in the story or any child in need (clothes, food, etc.).