Greece – Discovery of Values Story – “The Fox and the Grapes”

The fox and the grapes

4th Grade students: Our students, after depicting the story of the fox and the grapes in comics, asked questions, came to conclusions and in the end the moral lessons that the myth teaches.- Is it right to give up trying something with the first difficulty?- When we fail to do something is it right to cover up the true with lies?- All people make mistakes. It is right to admit our mistakes and not to be selfish.- It’s not right to pretend that it’s the others to be blamed for something we cannot do ourselves. Moral lessons:

  • It is easy to underestimate what we cannot achieve. We must acknowledge our faults and not blame others!
  • It is easy to despise what we cannot get!
  • It is easy to give up, but the real strength is built when we keep fighting until we succeed. In this story, the fox failed and left with bitterness.

Greece – Discovery of Values Story – “The Fox and the Grapes”

"The Fox and the Grapes"

3rd Grade students:Our students, after hearing the story, which of course was known to them as one of the myths of Aesop, were asked to answer the following question:”What would you advise the fox if you were the bird of the story?”Some of the answers are:”I would give her the idea to take a plate and shake the tree so that the grapes fall in.””I would tell her to try again.””If you jumped higher you would catch the grapes.””Lady fox, if you can not catch the grapes I will bring them to you.”