Portugal – Peace Activity

Growing up with Values from Storytelling - Portugal - January 20 - Month of Peace - Activity of Peace

On the 13th of January, Edifacoop organized an activity in order to promote de Value of Peace. Nursery, Pre-school, Primary school, CATL and Elderly Care wrote messages of peace that were transported by carrier pigeons, kindly lent by pupils’ families. Pictures of the pigeons’ arrival were then sent to the school. This was a symbolic activity to remind pupils of the importance of this value in our everyday life.

Portugal – Room of Values

Growing up with Values from Storytelling - Portugal - Sala dos Valores 9

In November 2019, the month of Tolerance, each school was challenged to create a Room of Values, space where the activities’ work can be displayed. In the Portuguese school, pupils can play games, express themselves through drama, and many other activities in the Room of Values This will be an ongoing process during the project implementation period.

Portugal – Activities of Courtesy

Growing up with Values from Storytelling - Courtesy 7

At the beginning of October, pupils read the story and sang a song related to courtesy during the school assembly.

In the classroom, they interpreted the text and created comics about it.

In the Erasmus Corner, they created the board “When you close your eyes and think about courtesy, what do you see?”. Then, the school community wrote their thoughts on post-its.