Romania – Responsibility

Growing up with Values from Storytelling - Romania - September 20 - Month of Responsability - Map of Responsabilities

Month of Responsibility
The September activity reminded students from 3rd grade D what “responsibility” means. After listening to Tudorel’s story, the spoiled and irresponsible child, students decided to prove they don’t find themselves in such examples. They established their own responsibilities within the school group and they promised to fulfill them.

Romania – House Tasks

Growing up with Values from Storytelling - Romania - May 20 - Month of Labour - House Tasks

The students of the 2nd grade of Mihai Eminescu Gymnasium School, participate with more enthusiasm with their parents for home activities, especially now when they can spend more time in the family. Parents consider important to be able to take responsibility and increase self-esteem. They are taught from an early age to respect nature and the work around them, to be able to do quality work, to cooperate, to accept to be taught by adults.

Romania – Children’s Day

Growing up with Values from Storytelling - Romania - June 20 - Month of Happiness - Children's Day

Children’s Day is an opportunity to remember that happiness lies in simple things, in a child’s smile, in play and good cheer. What is more beautiful than to spend your day with the child, to play, to dance, to enjoy with your child! That’s what we, the first graders, did! We celebrated TOGETHER! It is not necessarily matter where we celebrated this day, but how we conveyed to the children that it was a special day.

Romania – Storytelling activities

Growing up with Values from Storytelling - Romania - May 20 - Month of Labour - Storytelling activities

Third grade students celebrated International Book Day. After reading a book they had to some tasks to complete. First they presented an item of clothing or decoration which appears in the book chosen for the presentation. Then, they drew a place where an event takes place in the book. They read the excerpt chosen with the voice of a character (baby, old man, angry man), using the CHATTERPIX KIDS application. Finally, they made the face of a character in a sock filled with rice and decorated, but also a bookmark with a message / moral of the text.