Romania – December activity

The little match girl

December activity

The students of the 4th grade D, under the guidance of teacher Dumitrescu Liliana, discussed in the Erasmus + project about children’s rights, their respect, but also their violation, on the December story, “The little match girl” by Hans Christian Andersen. The children made the “Children’s Rights Tree” by hand and gave it life through the hope, confidence, joy of childhood.

Romania – January activity

the salt is the most valuable

January activity

The students of the preparatory class C of the “Mihai Eminescu” l School from Rădăuți carried out a series of activities during January, starting from the story of the month: “Salt is the most valuable”. We watched the story: “The Salt in our food”, we talked about its importance. The kids found it kind of important to our health in the ” Water Drop “story. They drew what particularly impressed them in the two stories. We finished the activity with the raindrop dance.

Romania – International Day of Reading Together

International Day of Reading Together

International Day of Reading Together is a global event attended by millions of people and is held every year in February. Reading aloud is a way to develop lexical skills, and children will love books and stories. Today, the second grade D students read together with the international community and we want this holiday to motivate us and read together, at home and at school, every day! We promise we will continue!