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“Vasil Levski” Primary School is situated in the town of Vratsa. It is not far from the capital – Sofia, only 120 km North- West.

Our school is a modern, innovative school where over 260 students are being taught by 32 qualified teachers. Our students are between 7 and 14 years old, they are from 1st to 7th grades, divided into 14 classes. Our renovated building has 15 classrooms, 2 well-equipped computer rooms, a modern Science room, an Art studio and workshop, a Music room, a spacious gymnasium, rooms for extended studies and a  small gameplay room, ”green-classroom” – it’s a place where students can study outside. The schoolyard is equipped with sports facilities.

Our school seeks to create an encouraging and healthy school environment and in order to ensure it we have got school canteen and we have a nurse who looks after the children and their illnesses and injuries during the school day.

We are one of the first innovative school in Bulgaria. The school is proven in the art – especially in fine and appiled art, also we are leaders in the field of civic education – one of the aim of our school is to communicate with children, to teach them the moral, to help them to be interested in future searches, to become active citizens. This year we have got 1st and 3th place in all Bulgarian schools. The school is one of the 290 innovative schools in the country out of 2400 – By organizing in a new and improved way the management, the training, the educational environment and the application of innovative approaches, principles and actions we achieve effective integration of children from socially vulnerable groups, including Roma. We work individually with each child and we have an individual approach to assessing achievements and results, as well as a financial/scholarship/material incentive system. We organize in an innovative way the free time of students outside the school institution, as well as working with parents.

“Vasil Levski” Primary School is a national leader in the field of civic education in Bulgaria. In the group age 7 – 14 years there are 4 first prizes (national champions) for the last 8 years. At the Civic Education Olympiads, children prepare, defend and implement projects with significant themes in the areas of sharing, solidarity, peace, respect, freedom, citizenship, integration of vulnerable groups and children. Primary School is the first school in Bulgaria where it is compulsory to study Citizenship education.

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