Bulgaria – Story about responsibility

Growing up with Values from Storytelling - Bulgaria - September 2020 - Month of Responsability - Story

A great story of responsibility was presented in first grade in our School!

With the help of Mrs. Таня Дацова, the young students make their weekly program with pictures so that they can prepare their own backpacks. Mrs. Стела Иванова and her class discussed responsibility! It is important for us to teach children responsibility from the first grade, to create habits and virtues!

Romania – Responsibility

Growing up with Values from Storytelling - Romania - September 20 - Month of Responsability - Map of Responsabilities

Month of Responsibility
The September activity reminded students from 3rd grade D what “responsibility” means. After listening to Tudorel’s story, the spoiled and irresponsible child, students decided to prove they don’t find themselves in such examples. They established their own responsibilities within the school group and they promised to fulfill them.